Ugreen Lightning Cables with Upgraded C89 Bend Connectors for Unhindered Gaming

by Nancy

Whether for the latest iPhone versions or the non-stop gaming experience, the Ugreen 90º Lightning to USB cord is the solution for all these applications. This 90º novel design of these lightning cables is ideal for playing games, video chatting, watch the movies comfortably, even if you lie in bed.

Mobile charging is always the biggest concern of both the pro and amateur video game players. And if you are one of them, you should consider buying the innovative lightning to USB cables of Ugreen.

This article will provide you with a complete overview of this advanced lightning cable so you can buy them without any confusion.

Product Features

· Connector

This lightning cable of Ugreen comes up with two types of connectors; lightning and USB. The USB connecters have two more options USB-A and USB-C. Both of these USB connectors are compatible with different versions of the iPhone. So, you can easily choose between these two based on your requirement.

· MFi Certification

The Ugreen 90º lightning to USB cables consists of MFi certified chip and C89 connectors. The C89 connectors are designed according to MFi program standards. These connectors ensure the complete safety of Apple products from third-party accessories.

When choosing a lightning cable for your iPhone or iPads, it’s important to check the MFi certification for safe and secure charging and data sync.

C89 is the high-tech replacement for C48 connectors. These latest connectors support the 2.4A charging and 480Mbps data sync.

· L-Style Design

Unlike many other lightning cables that usually block the screen use, the latest Ugreen lightning to USB cables is designed with bent connectors. This L-shaped design is unable the user gamer to enjoy the gaming with the plugged charger into the mobile.

This L-shaped design makes it easier to turn the cable in any direction you want without interference.

· Durable Cable Construction

The bent lightning to USB cables is constructed for long-term and flexible use. These cables consist of six different coverings that help them to withstand up to 10,000 bends and inserts.

The six different layers include;

  • Copper core
  • Metal mesh
  • GND
  • TPE jacket
  • Aluminum foil
  • Braided shielding

Other than the durability, reinforcement bends to protect the cable joints from damage while bending.

• Compatibility

These innovative lightning cables are compatible with almost all the latest versions of iPhones, including iPhone 6s and 6s + and other Apple devices. Other than these versions, the cables can use for various other iPhone versions, smartphones, and other Android phones.

Why Ugreen 90º Bended Lightning Cables?

All the above-listed features of Ugreen lightning cables will provide the user following benefits;

  • Ultra-fast charging and data sync
  • Safety against over-heating, over-voltage, over-charging
  • L-shaped convenient design
  • Durable aluminum connectors
  • Flexible and long-lasting cable
  • Affordable price tag
  • Approximately I year warranty
  • Long cord
  • Various options in connectors

Wrap Up!

The Ugreen lighting to USB cable’s innovation, efficiency, durability, and functioning make these cables worth buying. With these advanced designs, now you can enjoy your iPhone usage without being worried about the connected charger.

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