How to Choose Easter Eggs

by Nancy

Who doesn’t like the excitement of the Easter egg experience? It’s something that most children can die to have, and not only the children but also older folks. Therefore, it’s something that once prepared right, ranks up there with the most exciting events.

However, for jumbo easter eggs experience to be an exciting one, excellent preparation is required. One of the preparation is to ensure that the best and right eggs are in place.

So, you’re on the hunt for your Easter eggs? Whether they’re for you or planning to give them to your loved ones, they should not disappoint. If you intend to give them to children, then it’s preferable to go out for the solutions that will present a tempting gift; more like Marvel or Disney characters.

When it comes to adults, it’s entirely a different speech. However, whichever the intention, you should always prefer quality over anything else. But, do you know how to choose Easter eggs?

Which Easter eggs should you choose?

Perhaps, the simplest tip you can ever have is that you need to prioritize the quality of chocolate that is incorporated in your intended Easter eggs. Therefore, it means not only looking at the brand – but also looking at the label and carefully analyzing it.

A good sign is when the ingredient list doesn’t particularly include a long list. It will be a bonus and fundamental when in the first place you see cocoa paste – at the top of the list means it’s the ingredient with the greatest quantity.

For instance, if it’s dark chocolate, the paste is not supposed to be less than 45%. However, if you’re talking about milk chocolate, the paste must not go below 25%.

Here are some of the other tips that you need to keep in mind when choosing Easter eggs;

  • Depending on the levels of sugar that you want your Easter eggs to have, you must remember this fact; the higher the cocoa mass quantity, the lower the quantity of sugars. Therefore, ensure that you understand exactly the quantity of sugars you want when making your purchase.
  • The best and most excellent chocolate is the one that boasts a percentage that’s more than 50% – that’s why it’s significant to check everything before buying. Also, ensure that the percent of cocoa butter present is at least 28%.
  • Do you want to have low-quality chocolate? There’s a simple way to determine the quality of chocolate in the Easter eggs – for instance, the presence of fats or vegetable oils and not cocoa butter, it’s a clear indication of low-quality chocolate.
  • Also, you need to check for the presence of eggs and should be free of artificial flavors – that’s a clear characteristic of a good Easter egg.
  • Also, it’s a good tip to focus more on preference for sugar without additional industrial sweeteners. Sugar alone gives an Easter egg a good quality.
  • Moreover, it should always be a rule of thumb, that quality chocolate doesn’t have lecithin.


Nevertheless, there’re several tips you can employ to help you choose Easter eggs and you’ll never get it wrong with the above tips.

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