Flying Orb: The New Spinning Toy For Kids

by Nancy

A new exciting toy, a flying orb, is doing rounds in the market. It is a drone that spins and effortlessly glides through the air and then, to your amusement, returns to your hand automatically. The fun cycle continues; just let it go, and watch it fly, float and climb before it makes its way back to your waiting palm. It is furnished with acrobatic tricks to light up your room.

This motorized ball is an entertaining toy, not just enjoyed by kids but amused by adults as well.

Let’s get to know a few exciting features of a flying orb.

How To Use A Flying Orb?

The flying orb is lightweight and compact, enabling effortless floating and carrying. It weighs only 5.5oz. It is straightforward to use the flying orb. It has a power button on it. Push it to turn on the motorized ball, hold it upright, and then shake it to start. Throw the ball in the air and experience the fun. If you power the ball for 20 minutes, it will stay in the air for 16 minutes.

It comes in various colors, allowing you to enjoy beautiful combinations of lights. You can enjoy it more among a group of friends, indoors and outdoors. Throw it back and forth among your friends and watch the ball glide.

Feature You Get in A Flying Orb

Safety design

Toys should be safe for children. The fly orb is made of soft and light material. It has a rounded design and a protective covering that makes it absolutely safe to be held with bare hands.


Fly orb runs on a battery that must be fully charged to function. It is charged by USB. You can charge it for 25 minutes and enjoy a session of flying and bursting lights for around 18-20 minutes.

Display In the Dark

The flying drone is lined with neon LED lights on the inside and outside. This gives away a dazzling show when launched across the sky at night or when played with in the dark.


Fly orb has a casing that protects it from all the traumas in case of falls, bumps, drops or any abrupt impacts. This ensures that your fly orb will keep revolving for a long time.

Other specifications:

Fly orb is made of ABS material and has a lifetime of 6+ years if used with care. The spherical ball’s dimensions are 9.5 × 9.5 × 9.5cm, weighing about 156g to 253g. The maximum height it can reach is 49ft. you will also find features like a Magic controller, air suspension, sudden acceleration, and magnet adsorption.


Flying orbs are the new spinning toy for kids, and they are a lot of fun. If you have a child who loves to spin things, this is the perfect toy. They are also great for hand-eye coordination and improving balance. It is an affordable toy to keep your kids entertained. These new spinning toys are easy to use and come in various colors and designs. So, what are you waiting for? Order your flying orb today!

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